Cabo Update

Here is a note from my friend Yolanda who lives in Cabo, nearly two weeks after Hurricane Odile. Hi David! Just a little update on Cabo: Very slowly Cabo has started to recover both physically and emotionally although a drive through the main avenues downtown and on the road to San Jose are a constant […]

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Mexico In Top 5 Countries For Health Care

A doctors office visit for $40? And if they come to your house the same price? Impossible you say? Not in Mexico its’ not, where an overnight stay in a hospital is less than $100 and a dentist visit is less than $30. You will pay a fraction of the cost for all of your […]

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The Real Story About Mexico

Finally…some of the mainstream media is starting to report what many of us know to be so true: Mexico is a rapidly emerging country that bears no similarity to the bad press it has received for the past several years. Aside from a very few trouble areas it is a very safe country to live […]

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The Monarch Journey

How do they do it? Really, I have a hard time finding my shoes, and these tiny butterflies travel 3000 miles to a place they have never been. It is an incredible story. Click here.  

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Major Discovery In Chiapas

It has long been estimated that there are tens of thousands of un-excavated archaeological sites in Mexico. It will take many decades to get to all of them, which is very comforting to me. It’s good to have mysteries in our lives. Here is an example of a stone jaguar that was just discovered, weighing […]

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San Felipe Food Honored

I’ve been going to San Felipe in northern Baja since I was 14 years old. Although the town has changed somewhat it is still basically the small fishing village it was back then. My old friend Ralph Rubio was so inspired by the town’s fish tacos that he has built a restaurant chain based on […]

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Taxco, a great historic town

I first went to Taxco in 1974 on my way to backpacking to Belize and Guatemala. There were a few tourists in town, but not many. I remember some of the silver artisans were selling “coke spoons” (cocaine was becoming a popular drug at that time), but also silver pieces that were museum quality. I […]

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A Fascinating Look of DF Via the Subway

Aussie Peter Davies spent 7 months visiting nearly 150 subway stations in Mexico’s capital city. So what did he find out? Have a look at this MexicoToday article to find out.

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Doing a Mexico Road Trip

Read our good friend’s (Susie Albin-Najera) article on how to see Mexico in your car. I have driven tens of thousands of miles through the country and it is by far the best way to really learn about Mexico if you have the time. If you can’t drive all the way, fly to a major […]

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Mexico Called Great Place To Invest

With an ever-increasing educated work force and its proximity to the huge US consumption market, Mexico has been called a great investment by MoneyWeek magazine. Read more about this here

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