Why Mexico? Why Now?

David Simmonds

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the United States has changed a lot in the past 30 years, and I’m not talking about the ubiquitous presence of everyman computers and super-sized cheeseburgers. I make no apologies for my feelings…I’m a boomer who grew up in a better time, and I don’t like what has happened. Quite simply, there has been a  covert war waged by the mega-corporate-class against We The People, and big business has won.

Maybe we can reverse course and return to being the country we were for 200 years, but it will take some time, decades, and people my age may not be around to see it happen. So we boomers need to figure out how to live our next 20 – 30 years in a way that we had envisioned, in an environment where a sense of community prevails, where a catastophic illness won’t bankrupt us, where our neighbors don’t live their lives in irrational fear of…whatever the government tells us is fearful. Yeah, we got hit by a criminal group of box-cutter weilding fanatics, but the way we have reacted as individuals, so unlike Pearl Harbor, has produced a society where we are now one or two more attacks away from martial law. Indeed, most Americans will demand it if that happens. They will agree to anything, including relinquishing their previously non-negotiable civil liberties, for the right to mindlessly stare at their TV’s every night, behind bolted doors, secure  and accepting of the new America. But it can’t happen here? Ha…don’t bet on it.

Back to what to do…where do you find a place to live the life you thought you would have before the disappearing pensions and unaffordable health care? I will be spending the next few months writing in this blog, explaining to anyone who will listen  what has happened in the United States and why moving to Mexico is your best option. There are probably other countries that would be as good, but Mexico is the place I know best. I have been traveling and sometimes living in Mexico for 40 years (I’m 58). I have seen pretty much the entire country, north to south, east to west. I know the challenges and the benefits of trying life south of the border. Keep checking in at this web site and pass it on to others who might benefit. And for those who will email me with accusations of being unpatriotic and a quitter, save the energy. I still vote, write to my representatives, and donate money to causes I support. And you should, too. I want my country, the U.S., to be  a better country than it has become. Choosing to live in Mexico does not mean relinquishing your duties as a citizen. It is an option to live a better life…it will take my kids’ generation (they are 13 and 9) to turn things around.

3 Responses to “Why Mexico? Why Now?”

  1. Kevin Knox Says:

    Good writing, Dave, but you’re going to have to do a real sales job to have Mexico look favorable in any light, especially with all the drug killings going on now.

  2. Donna Beerbower Says:

    My husband and I enjoy your website and were wondering- do you live in Mexico now? Where do you live? We have been reseaching towns in Mexico and what would you consider the cleanest place to live. Thanks!

  3. admin Says:

    I have lived in Mexico in the past and will in the future. For now, my home base is San Diego.

    The cleanest towns? There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of small towns that are impeccably clean. I have seen many towns with only dirt streets that are as clean as any town in the United States or Europe. If you are referring to large cities, it changes from neighborhood to neighborhood, just as it does anywhere. Try a trip to Oaxaca city and walk the streets…you’ll rarely see trash. The same holds true for many cities.