Trouble In Rocky Point

There is a news report out about some investors losing their money in the area known as Rocky Point in Sonora, Mexico near Puerto Penasco. Whether this could have been avoided is arguable, or make that probable. Read the story and you get the sense that some of those who feel duped maybe didn’t thoroughly […]

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Driving In Mexico…Get a Map

Having your own transportation while traveling in Mexico has many advantages. You’re not spending hours in airports and bus stations, you can go wherever a road takes you, no time schedule and no annoying people (other than your travel partner who sings the same Led Zeppelin song hour after endless hour). Of course, there is […]

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Mexico Taxes

For years, many of us have wondered why Mexico, with so many natural resources and hard working people, remains largely in poverty. Since volumes of analysis by people smarter than I have attempted to answer this, I’ll just add a couple of opinions based on my observations over a lifetime of Mexico study and travels.Many […]

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Pesos or Dollars In Mexico?

When I first started traveling to Mexico, carrying money was an issue. Dollars were accepted in the border areas, but deeper in Mexico you had to have pesos. These days you can spend gringo dollars in the tourist towns throughout the country, but it is best to convert your money to Mexican money. You won’t […]

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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