Middle-Class In Mexico

When I first started traveling in Mexico there weren’t many cars on the road. Seriously, in a ten-mile stretch of highway you might pass 10 or 20 cars or trucks going the other way. Mostly you saw truckers hauling goods and buses hauling people. Not many Mexicans could afford a car. This was still true […]

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Is Mexico Dangerous?

David Simmonds The warnings are dark and ominous. Mass graves, crossfire shootout victims, kidnappings. Don’t Go To Mexico, the headlines SHOUT. It is a very dangerous place, amigo. Gringos should stay home or go to Vegas if you know what’s good for you. You don’t want to be shot, do you? I read the daily […]

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Mexico Today Begins

Like Charlie Sheen, Mexico has developed an image problem. The difference is that Charlie’s is well-earned and Mexico’s is a media creation. Don’t get me wrong, Mexico has a drug cartel war where rival organizations are fighting for supremacy. But the vast majority of the country is safe for residents and travelers, and this fact […]

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Help Mexico’s Image

Every day for a couple of years now the media drumbeat has been the same. Don’t Go To Mexico, they say, You Will Be Hurt. This really needs to stop. Now. Yes, agreed, Mexico has a significant problem that they are dealing with every day. To suggest otherwise would be foolish and dishonest. But it […]

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Real Estate Financing In Mexico

Cross-Border Mexico Mortgage Financing – A Silver Lining to a Slower Mexico Real Estate MarketWritten by Matthew A. Miller, President and CEO of ConfiCasa Mortgage International Since its introduction in the early part of 2005, the cross-border Mexico mortgage market — mortgage financing for foreigners purchasing vacation, retirement and investment homes in Mexico — has […]

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Moving Your Stuff To Mexico

David Simmonds One of the first things I counsel people about when they contact me about their desire to move to Mexico is that they need to make damn sure they know what they are getting in to. They usually know about the many benefits of living in a paradise for up to one-half the […]

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Your Can Work In Mexico…Sometimes

David Simmonds  Working in Mexico is not easy for foreigners. Unless you are sponsored by a company based in Mexico you are prohibited from being employed as long as a Mexican can do the same job. Of course, there are exceptions. You can always find gringos selling condo timeshares in Cabo, PV and Cancun, and […]

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A Nation In Economic Decline

David Simmonds It has been well-documented that the 20th century was America’s century. Or at least it has been since the end of WWII, about the time the first wave of boomers were born. We began the year 2000 as the lone super power with an economy that was the envy of the world. But there […]

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Boomers Are Tanking

David Simmonds There was a recent Wall Street Journal story describing the number of boomers who are now borrowing money to live day-to-day. The content of the story isn’t as suprising as that it was in the WSJ, a once-reliable publication now owned by far right-wing idiot, Rupert Murdoch. They usually don’t report bad news […]

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Enjoy Mexico Life, Don’t Try to Change It

David Simmonds Everyone who thinks about, or actually does, move to Mexico has their own personal reasons. The list is long and varied, but a factor on everyone’s list is the appeal of the lifestyle that Mexico offers. By that I mean the slow, uncomplicated pace of every day living where you know your neighbors, […]

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