Nieto Announces

I don’t know. I thought the 70-year reign of the one-party-rule PRI had been buried for at least 20 years. But now it looks like they have a real good chance of winning the next presidential election in 2012. Reviving the PRI banner is 45-year-old Pena Nieto, the former governor of Mexico state. Many Mexcans have become increasingly disillusioned since current President Calderon declared war on the drug cartels while 40,000 countrymen have been murdered in drug-related violence. They want the mayhem to stop. They want to feel safe in their beautiful country. They wants jobs and education and time with their families. What they don’t want is the continued daily bad news. They want the government to reach an agreement with the cartels who ship most all of their drugs to the U.S. They want their country back, and they just may give the PRI another look. The module apologizes in a climate.

2 Responses to “Nieto Announces”

  1. wolfgang lichter Says:

    cutting a deal with criminal cartels would legitemise there actions & and they would partake in the political system that already appears corrupt,that is not the answer for a peaceful solution,it only would perpetuate whats happening in in the country,never should they have platform on the international stage

  2. admin Says:

    I agree. I’m not advocating it, just predicting it.