Health Care In Mexico

Mexican Doctors and Dentists

Many Americans who live near the border get their medical and dental needs by crossing into Mexico. If it wasn’t a good idea they would try it once and never go back. But go back they do, and not just because the prices are right…they also receive excellent care. The same is true throughout most of Mexico, especially in those areas where expats are living. Many American doctors have gone to Mexico med-school for their training since the U.S. medical cabal has intentionally limited enrollments at schools in the U.S. (supply and demand considerations, you know). And many Mexican doctors have done their residency in the U.S. and Europe.

Many of the Mexican doctors and dentists speak some English, even in small towns. And they still do house calls, which I have heard about but never actually remember where I live in San Diego. I feel fortunate when I get a phone call returned from my doctor. The cost of Mexico medical care is generally far less than one-half of U.S. prices. You can get a tooth filled for about $25.00, and a root canal will run about $300 -$400. A doctors visit runs about $20….about the cost of two movie passes at your local mall theater to see a film made for teenage girls.

There may be good reasons not to try living in Mexico for some people, but fear of not having access to good doctors and dentists is not one of them.

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