Enjoy Mexico Life, Don’t Try to Change It

David Simmonds

Everyone who thinks about, or actually does, move to Mexico has their own personal reasons. The list is long and varied, but a factor on everyone’s list is the appeal of the lifestyle that Mexico offers. By that I mean the slow, uncomplicated pace of every day living where you know your neighbors, the local shopkeepers, cops and community honchos. Where there are not strip malls on every corner that look the same in Los Angeles as they do in Atlanta. Where houses are built to live in, not to impress, with 2,000 more square feet than you need. Where you can walk to buy most everything you require, often without driving your car (if you even own one) for several days. It’s just a different life than we have in the U.S., and once you experience it, you’ll never want to return to the mind-numbing, ulcer-causing treadmill in el norte.


Because here’s what I see way too often: some people are so wired and conditioned into Americana burnout that they can’t slow down and adapt to the Mexico tempo – and so they try to change the place they have escaped to. You see it in the expat havens that have become so popular, especially around Lake Chapala and the once idyllic beach towns like Sayulita in Nayarit and Playa del Carmen on the Mexican Riviera. They come, settle in, and then the complaints start. “We need to control the dogs in this neighborhood!”, “I’m goint to to buy a few lots, tear down some jungle, and build spec homes”, “Doesn’t anyone speak English around here?”, “Whaddya mean the maid wants more than $5.00 to clean the house?”…it goes on and on. These people, and their numbers are not small, try to turn their new home into the crappy place that they left. They act like they friggin’ own the place, and it creates a resentment amongst the locals that poisons the relationshp for everyone else. They think that because they have lighter skin they are superior.

So I’m asking you, think very hard about whether you have the right personality to live in Mexico. Before you make a permanent move, rent a place for at least 6 months and try it on. Check your temper and anxiety when you try to get something done and it’s not like it was back home in HeartAttack, CA. Can you handle it? Can you mellow-out and just appreciate a different culture without trying to change it? If not, please…stay home. You’ll only frustrate yourself and piss off everyone else.

3 Responses to “Enjoy Mexico Life, Don’t Try to Change It”

  1. Marc Kieler Says:

    Hi David,

    I just stumbled upon some of your comments on this web site and must say- I love what you have written here. You should write a book inluding these subjects. Well done and please keep it up- I’m reading. I just moved to Hermosillo Son. for many of the same reasons you’ve written about. Thanks!

  2. admin Says:

    Hi Marc,

    Thanks for checking in. And actually I am finishing a book on how to move to Mexico and what has happened in the US for the past 30 years. It will probably be offered as an ebook initially.

    Hermosillo’s a nice city…but no ocean!! I gotta be near the coast.


  3. Spencer Says:

    It’s always been my dream to retire to the Mexican coast, but I’ll be honest, with the current political situation and the drug cartels running rampant, I’d wouldn’t be comfortable doing it right now.